Cute and clear icons from Sweetie

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Sweetie is a 2 set of free icons that you can use in your web applications.
First icon set is the BasePack (182 icons):

Second icon set is communication icons (37 icons):

Sweetie icons are licenced under a Creative Commons licence, so commercial use is fine. Also feel free to make derivatives with the included Photoshop documents.


Doodle: June - I

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Jun 6th 2008 - National Day of Sweden, or the Swedish Flag's DayJun 6th 2008 - Diego Velázquez 409th Birhtday

Jun 4th 2008 - First Hot Air BalloonsJun 2nd 2008 - Italian Republic dayJun 1st 2008 - Children's Day in Poland, Czech Republic, Japan and Turkey


Doodle: May 2008

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May 29th 2008 - Anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest
May 23rd 2008 - 100th Birthday of Helene Boucher
May 22nd 2008 - Doodle 4 Google Contest in USA

May 19th 2008 - 125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

May 17th 2008 - Norwegian Constitution Day

May 16th 2008 - The first working laser was demonstrated on May 16, 1960 by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories

May 15th 2008 - Spanish Film Festival of Malaga


ColdBlue Blogger Template

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Here another blogger template in akOOgle. After long time I converted ColdBlue wordpress into blogger template.

ColdBlue is simple 2 column blogger template and easy to use. Originally a Wordpress theme designed by and blogger template converted by me.

If you like, you can freely download here, Follow the instructions before install, also check here for how to install a blogger template. View Live demo here or check screenshot is below.

1. This template require minimum 2 HTML/Javascript widgets.

HTML1 - the horizontal top menu
HTML2 - the Search Box

2. Horizontal Top menu

Use following code for navigation link

<ul id="navigation">
<li class="page_item"><a href="" title="Home">Home</a></li>
<li class="page_item"><a href="" title="Page 2">Subscribe</a></li>

3. Search form

Use Following code for Search form or Please refer to this article here to add search form in your template.

<form id="searchform" action="" method="get"><div>
<input id="s" value="" name="s" type="text"/>
<input id="searchsubmit" value="Search" type="submit"/>

3. Set the Date format.

To have a date like on the demo site, then your blog post time stamp must be set on this format
"Thursday, January 12, 2007" Please refer to this article here (date format on blogger) to make sure that you set the right date.

As usual I included all images and CSS file in the download package. If you have any issue in installing this template or just want a help please feel free to drop me a comment or drop me an email using the contact form.

Live Demo


Download Wordpress theme or view demo here.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed to stay up to date with future releases and updates.


Function Icon Set: 128 High quality Icons

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Function Icon Set is free and high quality icon set.The set includes Social bookmarking icons (Design Float, Digg, Delicious, Furl, Technorati, Flickr, Stumble Upon, Twitter & Many more), Folder icons, User icons, Credit card icons & more ...
Set comes with 48 x 48px size in PNG format.Visit & Download


Classy Free Icons by Dryicons

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“Classy” contains 300 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency in PNG, ICO and ICNS file formats. They come in 16×16px; 24×24px; 32×32px; 48×48px; 64×64px and 128×128px size. Designed by DryIcons.



MSN Messenger emoticons collections

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Emoticons are emotional graphics--visual ways to express the way you feel when words alone just aren't enough.

Here’s a list of all the emoticons available in MSN Messenger. You can use them in your nicknames or during chatting with your friends.

To send this:Type this:
Smile:-) or :)Open-mouthed:-D or :d
Surprised:-O or :oTongue out:-P or :p
Wink;-) or ;)Sad:-( or :(
Confused:-S or :sDisappointed:-| or :|
Crying:'(Embarrassed:-$ or :$
Hot(H) or (h)Angry:-@ or :@
Angel(A) or (a)Devil(6)
Don't tell anyone:-#Baring teeth8o|
Secret telling:-*Sick+o(
I don't know:^)Thinking*-)
Sleepy|-)Coffee cup(C) or (c)
Thumbs up(Y) or (y)Thumbs down(N) or (n)
Beer mug(B) or (b)Martini glass(D) or (d)
Girl(X) or (x)Boy(Z) or (z)
Left hug({)Right hug(})
Vampire bat:-[ or :[Birthday cake(^)
Red heart(L) or (l)Broken heart(U) or (u)
Red lips(K) or (k)Gift with a bow(G) or (g)
Red rose(F) or (f)Wilted rose(W) or (w)
Camera(P) or (p)Filmstrip(~)
Cat face(@)Dog face(&)
Telephone receiver(T) or (t)Light bulb(I) or (i)
Note(8)Sleeping half-moon(S)
Star(*)E-mail(E) or (e)
Clock(O) or (o)MSN Messenger icon(M) or (m)
Snail(sn)Black Sheep(bah)
Pizza(pi)Soccer ball(so)
Umbrella(um)Island with a palm tree(ip)
Computer(co)Mobile Phone(mp)
Stormy cloud(st)Lightning(li)
Via : MSN Messenger