Here is another new feature from Blogger "Blog List". As usual this feature also now available from Blogger in Draft. This new feature will help you to show your favorite blogs on your blog page. You can choose to show the number of blogs or show all blogs randomly. But by default the blog list will show the most recently updated blog first. You can also import the list from your Google Reader subscriptions.

The widget is in beta testing but we can make use of it, entering from Blogger in Draft, some of the features of this widget are:
  • Gives the ability to include every blog your favicon automatically.
  • Allows add the date of the last published entry or even the title and an excerpt from that post.
  • You can limit the number of blogs on display.
  • It is possible to order the blogs according to its latest update or alphabetically.
  • The list of blogs can be imported directly from Google Reader.
If you want to add this widget in your blog follow these steps:
  • Login to your blog from Blogger Draft (not from the normal blogger site).
  • Go to the "Template" and then to "Page Elements."
  • In the area where you want them to appear editable your blogroll click on "Add a page element." In the window with all the widget select "Blog list."

  • Set the widget. Select the title, order, the data show blogs and adds a one manually or through Google Reader.

  • Save changes and Blogger will do the rest. DONE!.
Via: Blogger in Draft. | BlogandWeb

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