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06 January 2008

Business Blogger Template - 2 Column

Business blogger template originally created by FreeCSS.info and its a free css template. As I am a beginner in developing a blogger template, I tried this to convert in blogger template.

Business Template for Blogger Template.
Demo | Download

Free CSS Business Template

Soon I will post about how to install blogger template and some blogger hacks. More blogger template coming soon.

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dinesh prabhu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kakashi said...

this template is cool! can you make a 3-column one???please.....

kakashi said...

there is something wrong with the template, i cannot upload it.

akOOgle said...

Hi Kakashi,
Can you explain the problem, i dont find any error in upload its works fine.

And I will try to convert it for 3 column soon..
Sorry for late reply ...
You pls feel free contact me for any issue.

Reynold Hugh said...

Thanks for sharing this elegant Template!
Business Templates