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19 November 2007

12 Reasons Why I am using Gmail

1. Gmail has IMAP/POP, so I can use any email client as I want, even my browser!
2. It can handle the large amount of spam.
3. Advanced Filtering
4. Advanced Labeling
5. Virus Scanned Attachments
6. I can view PDFs, docs and other files.
7. I can communicate to all my friends via GTalk.
8. And another common feature. I can access it anywhere.
9. Its very secure.
10. Its very fast. [Compare to other mails its fast.]
11. It has very nice mobile applications to check email on the go.
12. I can add my other emails also. And I can check all mails in single inbox. And send mail from any email address as well, I love this feature.

If these things are important to you, than use Gmail.

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