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11 November 2007

New Music Search Tool

Sometime back I wrote a post about how to find mp3 and video files using Google. And today I created one Search tool using the same search string to find Music in easy way. I named it as akOOgle Search Tool. It is a free service that lets you search the Internet for file types. Share or download files that you find without special software.

It uses a Google search string to help locate open directories or otherwise shared files. I am using a well known search string to look for open web directories that might include mp3s and other media files. Nothing secret in this search tool. It is easy to find media files than these complex search strings.

Here is the snapshot of the search tool.
Click the image to enlarge

Click here to visit Search page or Click on the link button is available in the top right corner "Music Search".

Disclaimer: I do not recommend or support illegal downloads of music or softwares.

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