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17 December 2007

Comments using openID on Blogger

Blogger has added OpenID commenting for BlogSpot. Now if someone is using AOL or LiveJournal or Wordpress, he is allowed to comment using his identity from these publishing services.
OpenID commenting is now live for all Blogger users, not just Draft users. A few updates with this release:
  • OpenID icons now appear on Post Pages in addition to comment.g; they have their own CSS class (openid-comment-icon) in case you'd like to customize their display
  • Nicknames with "www" in their URLs are now correctly parsed
  • Comments from Blogger/Google accounts now have the Blogger favicon
If your blog allows anonymous comments, OpenID-signed comments are enabled by default. Otherwise, you can turn on OpenID signed comments by restricting your Who Can Comment? setting to Registered Users - includes OpenID. This will exclude anonymous commenters.

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