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18 February 2008

The 10 most commonly used commands in Google Reader

Google Reader is well-known for its keyboard shortcuts. When going through thousands of blog posts, news items, photos, etc. a day, it's important to do this as efficiently as possible. Many users find that using the keyboard is one way of accomplishing that goal.

The top 10 commands are:
Key Description
  1. j - next item
  2. n - item scan down
  3. k - previous item
  4. m - mark as read/unread
  5. t - tag item
  6. p - item scan up
  7. shift+n - next subscription
  8. v - view original
  9. o - expand/collapse item
  10. s - star item
The full list of shortcut commands can be found at the Help center for Google Reader.

Via : Google Reader Blog.

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