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04 March 2008

5 Excellent Blogger Templates

Every week, you will find a new blogger template in akOOgle but this week its not happen. Sorry guys I am little busy with my work. I will try to give some beautiful blogger template for coming week till then enjoy these excellent blogger template created by all great bloggers out there.

1. Clean and Dark Blogger Template.

2. Dreamy Blogger Template

3. Resurrection Blogger Template

4. PopBlue Blogger Template

5. Sandpress Blogger Template

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Unknown said...

link to download Resurrection Blogger Template is broken I think. Please fix it...I think the template is so cool...please again sir

Anonymous said...

Hi Zariel,

Thanks for your comment. The template Resurrection created by zonacerebral.com and there is problem in their blog. Hope zonacerebral.com will resolve the problem asap.