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24 March 2008

Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Tools

Antivirus tools are essential in protecting the host client from a multitude of viral, Trojan, and rootkit Internet threats. They also can also stop virus infestation from cross media file sharing. Antivirus is also essential as a secondary preventative Internet security solution beyond a firewall.

If you are looking for free Antirus check this 5 free antivirus tools.

Avira offers the best protection a free application can offer. With a detection rate of over 90%, Avira can meet your need. Although it doesn't have an email scanner, be assured that it will detect the virus immediately. Download Avira Antivirus.

AVG Free is the most popular free solution available at no cost to home users and provides the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.

AVG Antivirus 7 Free Edition

avast! 4 Home Edition is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use. Both of these conditions should be met!

Avast! Home edition - Avast! Antivirus.

BitDefender Free Edition is your chance to use one of the world's most effective antivirus engines for free!
BitDefender Free Edition

ClamWin Free Antivirus comes with an easy installer and open source code.

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