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20 June 2008

Web 2.0 Icons for Orkut, Blogger & Facebook

One of my reader m@q requested me to design web 2.0 icons for Orkut & Blogger. Its not easy work for me because I'm not a designer. But its my reader request. So, I should design or at least give some beautiful Icons link from web. So, I decided to share a Social network collection for all my readers.

Its very beautiful web 2.0 social networking icons collections designed by AODesign.

Glossy Blogger Icons
Blogger Icons

Glossy Orkut Icons
Orkut Icons

Glossy Facebook Icons
Facebook Icons

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UPDATE: The links are down. Visit this articles for Facebook icons 


diego said...

where are the hi5 icons?

diego said...

if you have them please share with me,

Michael A. Sewell said...

Your download links are bust

Unknown said...

Do we have your permission to use these on websites (referencing you as the artist)?


Anonymous said...

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is very good info to have onhand. I'm glad I found your site today.