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01 July 2008

MSN Messenger emoticons collections

Emoticons are emotional graphics--visual ways to express the way you feel when words alone just aren't enough.

Here’s a list of all the emoticons available in MSN Messenger. You can use them in your nicknames or during chatting with your friends.

To send this:Type this:
Smile:-) or :)Open-mouthed:-D or :d
Surprised:-O or :oTongue out:-P or :p
Wink;-) or ;)Sad:-( or :(
Confused:-S or :sDisappointed:-| or :|
Crying:'(Embarrassed:-$ or :$
Hot(H) or (h)Angry:-@ or :@
Angel(A) or (a)Devil(6)
Don't tell anyone:-#Baring teeth8o|
Secret telling:-*Sick+o(
I don't know:^)Thinking*-)
Sleepy|-)Coffee cup(C) or (c)
Thumbs up(Y) or (y)Thumbs down(N) or (n)
Beer mug(B) or (b)Martini glass(D) or (d)
Girl(X) or (x)Boy(Z) or (z)
Left hug({)Right hug(})
Vampire bat:-[ or :[Birthday cake(^)
Red heart(L) or (l)Broken heart(U) or (u)
Red lips(K) or (k)Gift with a bow(G) or (g)
Red rose(F) or (f)Wilted rose(W) or (w)
Camera(P) or (p)Filmstrip(~)
Cat face(@)Dog face(&)
Telephone receiver(T) or (t)Light bulb(I) or (i)
Note(8)Sleeping half-moon(S)
Star(*)E-mail(E) or (e)
Clock(O) or (o)MSN Messenger icon(M) or (m)
Snail(sn)Black Sheep(bah)
Pizza(pi)Soccer ball(so)
Umbrella(um)Island with a palm tree(ip)
Computer(co)Mobile Phone(mp)
Stormy cloud(st)Lightning(li)
Via : MSN Messenger

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