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31 December 2010

OxygenOffice Professional 3.2.1 - Improved OpenOffice.org

OxygenOffice Professional 3.2.1 is a free and open source enhancement of the official OpenOffice.org.

OxygenOffice Professional is an enhanced version of on free OpenOffice.org. In this enhancement the source of OpenOffice.org has been modified to add exciting extras that includes:
# OOoWikipedia - than can search the Wikipedia
# enhanced PDF management
# direct export to LaTex and MediWiki
# 3,400 graphics consisting of clip arts and photos
# Several templates and sample documents
# more than 90 fonts and
# enhanced help menu, addtional User’s Manual, and the enabled extended tips

Download OxygenOffice Professional 2.3.0 - Improved OpenOffice.org

It has been name “OxygenOffice Professional” as this project is independent from the OpenOffice.org project and the team that built this, did not want to cause any potential confusion.

Download OxygenOffice Professional 3.2.1

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