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06 February 2008

ProSense - 3 Column Blogger Template

ProSense was a one of the 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes. Originally created by created by Dosh Dosh and The Wrong Advices and I just converted it in Blogger template.

If you like this template, then please read all the instruction before you can use this template.

View the demo or the screenshot below.

Instructions to Install this template:

1. Create a HTML widget in top right corner to place the RSS and copy the following code.
<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/YOUR-FEED-NAME">
<img src="http://citicutb.googlepages.com/pro_rss-feed-icon.jpg" />
It is recommended please download this Feed image and upload in your Googlepages account.

2. Set the post timestamp correctly on this format: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2. Create another HTML widget in 2nd sidebar (you can anywhere as you wish) to create a Search Form. Please refer here for how to create a Search Form in Blogger.

3. Create a HTML widget in above of the blog post for horizontal Google ads.
Its recommended create 468 x 15 size ads

4. And refer this tutorial for how to install a blogger template.

Use this same instructions for Prosense Grey Blogger version.

Blogger / Blogspot Demo || Download || Wordpress Demo


Tran Duc Duy said...

hi, I think this longhorn wordpress theme from geckoandfly is pretty cool, especially the typeface, can you please transfer it to blogger ^ ^

here is the link


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for the free conversion. I love you for that. Haha. Anyway, is it possible for me to change the colours of Prosense on my own?



Anonymous said...

hey! Thankr for the template. I am having a problem with the template. I can't get the post margin to xpand. Please help.

mas arif said...

i like it . . thanks . .

Pinoy Photoblog said...

Thanks for this.