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11 January 2008

GMail Infinity Storage hits 6GB

When I used Yahoo! Mail I need to delete some mails every day. Because I had only 6 MB mail space (I am saying its in 2003 - 2004). So I used 3 email ids in Yahoo. I felt its difficult finding unwanted mails and deleting every day. Deleting unwanted emails was getting quite painful. Sometime my mails bounce back to sender. So, I missed some mails also.

That time I heard Hotmail offering 100 MB for US users. I tried that trick but, its not worked for me. In hotmail storage is 10 MB (I dont remember exact space in 2004). In the mean time Yahoo increased the storage to 100 MB. Ya that also not enough for me.

Then again I searched good email provider, Finally, I found Gmail but I am not able signup because existing Gmail user should invite you to signup. So I requested invitation in many communities. I dont remember now I got a link to signup to Gmail. Its worked and I got gmail. When I signed up I got storage around 1800 MB. I sent invitation to lot of my friends. Many guys are got Gmail Id by me.

When Gmail offered 2 GB+ Yahoo changed to unlimited storage and Hotmail changed to 6 GB storage. So, again I am using least mail storage provider. But its not more than 3 months Gmail announced to offer infinity plus one storage. Once your Yahoo email box is full, you’ll be able to transfer it to GMail and add one more message.

The idea was proposed by an engineer in Google, Greg Tomkins:

I was out in the yard when my kids ran up to me yelling at each other. My son said to my daughter, ‘I hate you to infinity.’ She replied, ‘I hate you to infinity plus one

Now how would Yahoo! beat that? No matter how much storage Yahoo offer to their users, Google will increase it by one. But then, when I login to GMail just now, it still says in the footer - “You are currently using 1052 MB (16%) of your 6307 MB”. Ya its cool Gmail hits 6 GB and it counts. Google Gmail is now offering 6 GB of worthy but free storage. It's better to use it as a storage device rather like formal email inbox.

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