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19 January 2008

ProSense Grey Blogger Template - 3 Column

ProSense was a one of the 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes. Originally created by created by Dosh Dosh and The Wrong Advices and I just converted it in Blogger template. I hope guys you like this template. Here is the demo of Prosense Grey Template.

I will post installation instructions for this template. Another Prosense & Prosense Blue template coming soon.

Prosense Grey Template - Blogger Template
Prosense - Wordpress Theme
Ok, guys If you like any wordpress theme wants in blogger format then request here I will contert the theme for you. If you having any issue in your blogger template, pls contact me I will give free solution for your issue.

Now, if you want to order a Blogger Template, just send me the following details:

- Wordpress Theme Site [Demo]
- Zip file of the original theme / Download link

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is beautiful. Great job!! Hope you can make more 3 column templates for blogger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, This week i will release more 3 column templates for blogger.

Blogger said...

hey! this is great.
How can set my own image header in this template, is this possible? I don't have a clue (sorta) of code.

Also, is there any way to tweak the background so it will be black?
thanks in advance!

Syed said...

I'm not tested image header. I'll test and update this template for you.
You can remove header background color. I used css code for that.. by removing this line in stylesheet you can remove that header color.

background: #FFF url('http://citicutb.googlepages.com/pro_header_footer_img.jpg') top center repeat-y;}

Blogger said...

I'm really anxious cause I want to put an image header there, so I can show my logo.
Hope you can tweak it :)

Blogger said...

Oh by the way, it doesn't show the date... why is that?

akOOgle said...

There is no prob in image header. I tested its working fine.
Any how follow this steps to change the header.
Login in your blogger account
Go To Layout -> Page Elements -> Click Edit button on the Header widget. -> Choose your header image .. Save.. Done!.

For check this post

Any other help ask me here. Or Give your blog Url I will check and guide you.

Osama said...

hi, thank u for great blogger templates.
please can u convert this wordpress template into blogger one (it calls Almost Spring theme) and i uploaded it's css part for u at
please i need this template as soon as u could
u can view template in action here

thank u very much

Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

lebron said...

Hello there I am looking for tutorials on how to customize this theme and how to transform it to a 2 column layout..

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm new on your board but i cant read correctly a message. Bug in you site ? Thanks you

casual said...

I'll try the grey one,hope can increase my CTR... :) thankss

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